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Amanda T » 07. Feb, 2011

Awesome! Great voice 😀

Patricia Wyn » 07. Feb, 2011

Apart from the real one, then a big yes!

Nicole Jenkinson » 07. Feb, 2011

Absolutely the best ever!! this Agnetha is truly FANTASTIC!!!

Lyla » 08. Feb, 2011

Beautiful! Definately the best looking and sounding Agnetha I ever seen live. Gorgeous hair too!!

Leona Marie » 22. Sep, 2011

Fab voice, very Agnetha like

john dodds » 20. Jan, 2013

who is the girl taking the part of Agnetha……she sounds very similar……did i read correctly that shes Swedish herself……Agnetha originally came from Jonkoping where is she from.
Very good performance,nothing will replace the original 4 of course……but I would buy tickets to see them