Technical Rider

  • Technical Production

    Venue or Client to supply following:

    Dressing rooms required (3)

    1 x Girls (Two )

    1 x Boys (Four)

    1 x Production office/crew (Three)

    Tea/ Coffee water soft drinks and light snacks for 10 people from 3 oclock

    Parking required

    1 x Truck 7.5 tonne , 7 mtrs length

    1 x People Carrier

    1x Cars

    For Attention of Front of House

    Strobe and smoke will be used during the all parts of the show can you please display signs.

    Your Contact on day of event

    Tour manager, Lee Stewart mobile number 07766665855

    Technical Manger, Martin Spooner, mobile number 07771881208

    Technical spec

    In the event that you are providing part-of or full production you will need the following information.

    P.A. System

    4 way active (i.e. E.A.W. KF850/SB1000, OR 760 Line array)


    Inside Events

    Capable of producing 130db at mix position, free of distortion.

    Minimum of 8k for 500 seated audience, plus 1k extra, per extra 100 audience i.e. 1200 capacity audience = ( 8k + 7k = 15k System).

    Outside Events:

    Capable of producing 130db at mix position, free of distortion.

    Outside event Min 26k plus suitable delay towers.

    Front of House Control:

    A good quality mixing console (i.e. Midas Heritage 1000 or above Yamaha PM4000,

    Allen and heath ML5000 with a minimum of 40 inputs.

    Front of house rack should contain (Minimum): –

    Two 31 band Graphics BSS, KT

    Two Reverbs (i.e. SPX 990/1000)

    One Delay (i.e. Yamaha DL1500)

    Eight Compressors (i.e. DBX, BSS)

    Four Gates (i.e. Klark Technic)

    One Mini Disk Player

    Monitor System of good quality comprising of: –

    Mixing desk of good quality i.e. (Soundcraft SM12) with minimum of 32 inputs and 8 sends. All sends to have own 31 band graphics (BSS, KT). 4 pairs of matched wedges i.e. (Martin Le400, ) and 1 drumfill

    Plus 4 Sends for in Ear Monitors

    A good selection of microphones and D.I.s, (i.e. Shure Sm 58 Beta, A.K.G, Sennhiser) plus suitable selection of short and tall boom stands

    Lighting System

    1 x Avolites Pearl 2000 Desk

    Minimum of 24 Par 64 Cans,mounted on front and rear truss, for 3 colour wash.

    Minimum of 8 moving heads  (Martin Mac 500)

    Minimum of 4 x 1Kw Profile lanterns

    Minimum of 4 x Par Floor Cans

    Minimum of 2 x Atomic Strobes

    Minimum 2 x Smoke machine (ZR20 Type).

    Minimum 2 x Follow Spots

    Dimmer packs for system  DMX 512

    Full set of coms FOH,Monitor,Follow Spot,Stage Prompt.

    Backline (If supplied, normally only outside UK)

    2 x Korg M1 Keyboards

    1 x Stage Piano weighted keys

    3 x Keyboard Stands

    1 x Guitar Amplifier and Speaker

    1 x Guitar Stand

    1 x Keyboard combo (Min 100w)

    1 x Trace Elliot Bass amp with 4 x 10 Speakers

    1 x Headphone Amplifier

    1 Kit of Drums (i.e. Yamaha 9000, Pearl, Premier Sigma)

    To consist of: –

    1 x Kick Drum & Pedal

    1 x Snare

    3 x Rack Toms

    1 x Floor Tom

    1 x Stool

    1 x Pair Hi Hat Cymbals

    2 x Crash Cymbals

    1 x Ride Cymbal

    All Cymbals (Zildiian, Paste, Sabian) With suitable stands.

    Please advise your technical manager to contact production manager at least 2 weeks prior to event date.

    Many thanks for your attention to detail whilst dealing with our rider.

    Martin Spooner

    Land line (01268) 511492

    Mobile 07771 881 208