• Pier Theatre, Bournemouth

    8:25am Monday 30th August 2010

    “Gimme Gimme Gimme took to the stage at the Pier and within minutes had established their credentials as a quality act.

    The girls in particular were superb delivering impressive vocals on a catalogue of hits that started with Super Trouper and took in everything from Knowing Me Knowing You, Waterloo and Winner Takes It All to Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia.

    An anthemic finale that built through Thank You For The Music before returning to Dancing Queen had the entire audience on its feet.

    The attention to musical detail and vocal arrangements never faltered. The choreography was spot on and together with evocative replica costumes could only add to the atmosphere. A great Bank Holiday show and perfect end-of-the pier fare”

    Jermey Miles Bournemouth Daily Echo

    Indigo2 Greenwich-  London, Thu 10 Dec 2009

    Posted 22/11/2010 by Susiewoosey “show was Brilliant!!! Everyone was up on their feet and every single person had a smile on thier face! I would definatley recommend”

    Posted 14/12/2009 by Truss “Excellent fun with great music. The ABBA girls were fabulous and as a present for my Mum it couldnt have been any better”

    Posted 12/12/2009 by PauloDiB “Excellent party night and great entertainment. Music that everyone enjoys and the whole place was up and dancing and enjoying themselves. Indigo is an ideal venue for this type of event.”

    Posted 11/12/2009  by yammy “Abba was absolutely EXCELLENT. It felt like so much the real thing. Amazing performance. Would not hesitate to recommend for a good night out. Would not hesitate to go back again”