Why Abba?

  • Why Abba?

    If you’re looking for a band, be it a corporate function, wedding or festival you just can’t go wrong booking an Abba tribute band. Their music appeals to all generations and contrary to what Lincoln said “You can please some of people some of the time, you can never please all of the people all of the time”, ¬†little did he know that celebrating Abba’s music you can please everyone.

    Why Gimme Gimme Gimme?

    There are so many Abba tributes and look-alikes around making bold statements that either they’re Europe’s most wanted, the worlds busiest, the best in the business, 124 costume changes, amazing dance routines and so on. But its just pure nonsense. Gimme Gimme Gimme are the Abba tribute band that have actually been on the scene since Abba tribute bands exploded back in the 90’s. We are a dedicated full time professional band performing all over the world, working for top clients in the entertainment industry.

    Why We Know Your Evening Needs To Be a Success

    People book us because we have the experience to understand that entertainment is a key factor in creating a successful event. We appeal to our clients because we have the ability to adapt to all situations and so you can relax knowing that your entertainment is in safe hands.

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